Great Tools That We Use

I’ve been afforded many opportunities to participate in projects for work that are far more rooted in play.  Indeed, my time spent thus far on the MERLOT Teacher Education Board has fit this bill, with our bimonthly meetings over Google … Continue reading

Digital Storytelling with Online and Mobile Apps

Sometimes the flavor du jour is so up your alley, you feel as if the stars are aligned in your favor. Digital storytelling is my salted caramel – I’m excited that it’s currently en vogue, but the topic is profoundly satisfying to the point that I’m invested regardless of its cool factor. Continue reading

Engaging Digital Natives with Free Technology

Even as web 2.0 tools become ubiquitous in the world language classroom, many fall short in terms of engagement. This presentation with Dr. Laura Franklin at the STARTALK Fall 2013 Conference showcased technology apps, strategies, and best practices that promote … Continue reading

Engagement Required

Even as webinars become a standard instructional tool, many fall short in terms of engagement. This presentation covered strategies and applications that promote participant interaction and collaboration. Continue reading

24 Easy Activities for Keeping Webinars Engaging

The promise of an engaging webinar is often met with the reality that providing a steady level of interaction with the audience is tricky.  Here, I’ve listed some activities to work into your next synchronous online session to keep your participants invested in the experience and motivated by the content presented. Continue reading

Open Source Tools for the 21st Century Learner

Instructional designers often have the challenge of pairing effective applications of technology with diverse learning objectives, all while keeping to a strict (and often non-existent) budget. This one-hour presentation features a bevy of cutting-edge tools for the classroom that are … Continue reading