Recipes for a Cure

Help me raise $1500 for the National MS Society so that I can participate in a 50K walk for a cure for multiple sclerosis. In exchange for donations, I’m trading deliciousness in the form of custom-written recipes. Are you hungry for a delicious dish and an end to a disease that has affected so many lives? I sure as hell am. Continue reading

Spice or Die: A Food Blog

Visit my blog, a space dedicated to the mastery of a good dish. For a good while now, I’ve been transferring my favorite recipes that I’ve invented into the equivalent of a cooking diary. Best of all, I get to showcase some fun with photography in original snaps of my homecooking. Continue reading

Funk MS T-Shirt

Here’s a preview of my design for the MS is BS Limited Edition “Funk MS” tee. We’ll be sporting these at the Capital Challenge Walk MS 2010 to rep the team and this year’s theme. In addition, we’ll be selling the white version of the tee at our Backyard Blues BBQ (June 19th). Continue reading

T-Shirt Design for Capital Challenge Walk MS 2010

Had a little fun putting together a design for the National MS Society’s call for entries for a training t-shirt design for the Capital Challenge Walk MS 2010. I was lucky enough to have my design selected – very happy to have another way to contribute to the org that means so much to me. Continue reading

ID Complex

Back when I was first forming my thoughts on design education and technology as a tool (as opposed to a crutch or a speed bump), I was interested in the idea of creativity having endless facets and outlets.  I’ve been … Continue reading

Funny Jokes, Funny Jokes

In rummaging through the stores of goodness she’s kept on her hard drive, your host came across a veritable treasure trove of sweet designs from back in the day. Or as her sister has put it, evidence that we’ve always been hilarious. Continue reading

Encouragement Club

Back in the day (when things were cool…for the Erykah Badu fans out there) when my sister was in high school at O’Connell and I was schooling it up at Fordham, she approached me about putting together a site for … Continue reading

Revamped Hokum

Recently took a crack at a redesign of the old (and supposedly much-loved) design for Hokum Blues. The verdict is still out. I really love them both, piratical theme and all. Then again, I always considered the music to be … Continue reading