Kiku at the Botanical Gardens

Dennis and I went to this exhibit at the New York Botanical Gardens with the intent of my getting some new flower macros.  However, between the stench of the chrysanthemums, the countless bees buzzing around, and the proliferation of bad … Continue reading

Vintage Flora

Had a little fun with Photoshop taking these shots from my garden and making them look like they were fading under the test of time.  Enjoy, and feel free to contact me for a print of any that you like … Continue reading

Garden Macros

In putting together shots to sell for the National MS Society on behalf of our fundraising team MS is BS, I ended up finding several shots of flowers grown in my gardens in Virginia (and two from the National Arboretum).

Faccia de Fiore

Taking a break from shooting the 11 of 13 climates present in the world, I had the opportunity to tour around an orchid farm in Hilo, Hawaii. The place was dripping with color, and a few surprises awaited me, … Continue reading

My Friends are Prettier than Yours

From the collection, My Friends are Prettier Than Yours, also known as the walk to the living room. I haven’t established whether I got into the practice of gardening solely to take pictures of my flowers, but now that … Continue reading