Face Painting

I’ve been toying with brushes, masks and blending modes with my merges lately. Granted, I’m always using the three, but not usually so heavily and to such an artistic effect. My older merges were less reliant on the computer … Continue reading

14: The Spooky Tunnel Legacy

It’s no secret that I have an ongoing photographic love affair with the Dale Carlia Tunnel, better known to me and my compatriots (read: Mom) as “The Spooky Tunnel”  An abandoned railway bed on the border of DC and Maryland, … Continue reading

Trashed Cars // Clouds and Trees

As mentioned before, I am head over heels for the process of photomerges without leaning on Photoshop. Sans Souris kicked it off, and the love has grown to include merges of other kinds – for instance, what happens when … Continue reading

Sans Souris

Does photographic style really differ from analog to digital? I know that as a digital native (for the most part), it’d be an act of treason to say yes. But if you ask painters about Photoshop, or sculptors about … Continue reading