Faccia de Fiore

Taking a break from shooting the 11 of 13 climates present in the world, I had the opportunity to tour around an orchid farm in Hilo, Hawaii. The place was dripping with color, and a few surprises awaited me, to include orchids that smelled of chocolate. I'm constantly fascinated by the seductive (and sometimes lascivious) nature of orchids, all contained within their stately faces. Here are a few head shots from my trip to the garden.

3 thoughts on “Faccia de Fiore

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  2. I have this same orchid growing in Seattle, WA. It seems to be doing well and blooming 4 stalks this year. I need to transplant but sure how to proceed.

    • This one had a cushy home in an orchid farm in Hilo, Hawaii. Very ideal surroundings and expert transplanters on the payroll.

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